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VaporBurst President's Day Sale: 2017

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VaporBurst President's Day Sale:  2017

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Vaping and The Best Electronic Cigarette Technologies at VaporBurst Stores

Sub Ohm Tanks, Variable Wattage Devices and Max Vg eJuices

Electronic cigarettes are most certainly a disruptive technology that continue to evolve, push limits, and get better and better. While there is little doubt that keeping pace with innovation is just like trying to catch a moving target, it is also clear that Vaporburst enjoys the challenge! We always strive to bring you the best electronic cigarettes that technology has offer. Check out our short list below that highlights some of the latest ecig technologies that have recently arrived to VaporBurst stores. 


Vaping and The Best Electronic Cigarette Technologies at VaporBurst Stores

The Race to Regulate and Tax Electronic Cigarettes is Underway in Florida

In speaking to the White House Committee on Small Businesses, President Reagan commented on a general view of government: “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

While Reagan’s commentary was applicable then, it seems to hit the nail on the head when considering the current political climate surrounding electronic cigarettes.

Many states, including Florida, are racing to enact public policy prescriptions relevant to electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, many of the proposed reforms have little to do with protecting public health. Nevertheless, public policy prescriptions are supposed to address issues related to public problems. Of concern is that this may not be the case with electronic cigarettes. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that many media outlets have paved this road using negative ecig hype, and rather than using scientific studies to guide policy-making decisions, politicians have jumped on the misinformation highway and are driving initiatives forward. These proposed policies call for greater regulation and taxes.

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Do you Pinterest? Well, we do...and it is so much fun!

For those of you who may not know about Pinterest, here a brief synopsis. Pinterest is a web based platform that helps people explore, collect, and share pictures and visual bookmarks of their favorite things. These pictures can be added to boards that may already exist or they can be added to a new board that a person creates. Adding a picture is called "a pin" or "pinning." Pins can also be shared to other social media like FaceBook and Twitter. Although this may seem intimidating for first timers, there is no need to fret! It's very easy; if you want to learn more, we are happy to show you how to Pinterest at a VaporBurst store.

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