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A Small Victory in NYC in the People vs. Thomas

Lessons in Motion: A Small Victory in New York in the People vs. Thomas Means That Anti-Vaping Lawmakers Will Get to Work

While this case is a small victory, it is not one that should make us complacent in our advocacy efforts. The People vs. Thomas addressed vaping on a NYC Subway platform. The good news in the case is that one smart judge just ruled that vaping is not smoking. However, this will only drive some lawmakers to work. The anti-vaping establishment is aiming to encumber vaping under smoking laws, specifically the Clean Air Act, a law that does not currently cover vaping. Like other states, this type of legislation has been proposed in the current legislative session in Florida, aiming to criminalize vaping. The lesson here is that this one small victory in NYC will likely fuel the anti-vaping crusade, with a focus on rewording the Clean Air Act. Such efforts aim to encumber vaping by way of the Clean Air Act and thus it is important to let our lawmakers know that we agree with the New York judge who recognized and acknowledged that vaping is not smoking. Like you, we do not support the fact that lawmakers want to see the two (smoking and vaping) as one in the same.

Onward with Ecig Advocacy: Together We Can Make a Difference

You, a family member, or one of your friends uses electronic cigarettes to avoid the known harms caused by smoking traditional cigarettes. By adopting electronic cigarettes, we change the traditional norms associated with smoking. But as with any change, some people embrace it and others reject it. Speaking to the latter, as electronic cigarettes grow in popularity and move into the mainstream, the movement to prohibit access to them is increasing. Such is typical in diffusion of innovation processes that involve disruptive technologies that, in turn, have an impact on society on social, political, and economic levels. Plain and Simple, while proponents advocate their use, the opposition mobilizes to prohibit them. So, again in speaking to the latter, electronic cigarette advocacy is urgently needed to neutralize efforts that aim to remove consumer access to electronic cigarette products. This blog covers important information on H.R. 2058. It briefly addresses state-level advocacy efforts in Florida. Finally, it provides insight into how we can help impact policy decisions.
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