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VaporBurst is a privately owned chain of 6 brick n mortar electronic cigarette stores that caters to the vaping community. Our retail stores are located in South Florida (Broward, Palm Beach Counties) and in Staten Island New York. Our Company stores have been operating since 2011, and we were one of the first electronic cigarette stores in town! Our brand is synonymous with service, selection, innovation, education, and professionalism. We have been told that the VaporBurst experience is like no other and we always strive to exceed expectations…we are electronic cigarettes!  With years of experience... Read More


We strive to offer our customers the highest quality electronic cigarette products at the lowest possible cost, and will provide comprehensive hands-on training and support.

We carry an innovative line of electronic cigarettes, related accessories, and over 100 flavors of E-Liquids with and without nicotine. We offer the latest technologies available in the electronic cigarette marketplace and excellent customer service; we strive to help our customers learn to use their electronic cigarette systems efficiently, and in the most cost effective manner.

Joyetech eVic-VTC Full Kit Overview

Big Things Come In Small Packages!

Joyetech eVic-VTC Full Kit

Big things come in small packages! Introducing the smaller sibling of the eVic-VT, The Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini, a powerful 60w variable temperature control mod. While there are similarities between the eVic-VT and the eVic-VTC, several features set them apart. The eVic-VTC is a much smaller device, more than half the size of the eVic-VT, making it an extremely portable temperature control electronic cigarette mod.

A Small Victory in NYC in the People vs. Thomas

Lessons in Motion: A Small Victory in New York in the People vs. Thomas Means That Anti-Vaping Lawmakers Will Get to Work

While this case is a small victory, it is not one that should make us complacent in our advocacy efforts. The People vs. Thomas addressed vaping on a NYC Subway platform. The good news in the case is that one smart judge just ruled that vaping is not smoking. However, this will only drive some lawmakers to work. The anti-vaping establishment is aiming to encumber vaping under smoking laws, specifically the Clean Air Act, a law that does not currently cover vaping. Like other states, this type of legislation has been proposed in the current legislative session in Florida, aiming to criminalize vaping. The lesson here is that this one small victory in NYC will likely fuel the anti-vaping crusade, with a focus on rewording the Clean Air Act. Such efforts aim to encumber vaping by way of the Clean Air Act and thus it is important to let our lawmakers know that we agree with the New York judge who recognized and acknowledged that vaping is not smoking. Like you, we do not support the fact that lawmakers want to see the two (smoking and vaping) as one in the same.
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