Atomizer – The atomizer is the heating unit of the electronic cigarette; it is also called a coil and it is usually made out of kanthal wire. It heats up when electricity from the battery passes through to the coil to vaporize the e-liquid to create vapor.

Automatic Batteries – An automatic battery device will active through he process of inhalation, or when a ‘puff’ is taken. There is no button on an automatic battery.

Battery – The battery is the energy source of the electronic cigarette that powers the unit. It provides energy to the atomizer to aerosolize, or vaporize the e-liquid to create a mist or puff of vapor.

Cartomizer – A cartomizer is a single part that combines an atomizer, or heating coil and a cartridge-container to hold e-liquid. In most cases it also contains poly-fill material where the e-liquid is absorbed. Cartomizers are attached to a battery to create an electronic cigarette. Some cartomizers that have a hole punched into the base can be used inside certain tanks, while other cartomizers are intended to be used as single juice delivery systems.

Cartridge – A cartridge may also be called a ‘carto ‘ and it holds the e-liquid.

CASAA – The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association

Connection Types – There are different types of connection types that are used to connect an atomizer, cartomizer, tank, or RBA (rebuildable atomizer) to the battery portion of the electronic cigarette including 510 connections, 801 connections, 808 connections, and 901 connections. One of the most popular connection types of connections is the 510-connection. Adaptors are tools that serve to connect different connection types.

Drip Tip – A drip tip is a mouthpiece that connects to a tank, cartomizer, or RBA. Drip tips come in many styles, designs and colors.

Dripping – Dripping is a term that is used for manually placing the e-liquid on the heating coil to produce enhanced flavor, throat hit, and vapor production.

Electronic Cigarette – An electronic cigarette is a system that entails a group of interrelated and operable parts (battery, atomizer, cartridge or tanks); when e-liquid is added and inhaled upon, it vaporizes the liquid and creates a stream of vapor.  Electronic cigarettes are also called e-cigs and they are also considered a personalized vapor (PV).

eGo – eGo is a battery style that is indicative of a 510 connection; it is not a battery brand. There are different manufacture’s that make eGo style batteries including several brands that VaporBurst carries including Joyetech and KangerTech products. 

Ohm – Ohm’s are considered the resistance in a circuit to the flow of an electric current. In an electronic cigarette, the higher the ohm value, the more difficult it is for current to flow through a given circuit. Conversely, the lower the ohm value, the easier it is for the current to flow through a circuit. Generally speaking, the lower the ohms, the hotter the vape; the higher the ohms, the cooler the vape. Temperature plays a role in taste, bringing out the flavor notes in an e-liquid, or smoke juice. Because lower ohm coils heat hotter, than higher ohms, lower ohm coils have a tendency to stop working sooner than higher ohm coils.

Milliamp hours, or Mah - Mah is relational to the battery’s power. The greater the milliamp hours of a battery represents higher battery power than a lower milliamp hour battery. Battery power, or Mah indicates how long a battery may last in between charge cycles. Generally speaking, a 1000mah battery is likely to last longer than a 650mah battery between charge cycles; however, duration of use depends on individual usage patterns.

Mod – A Mod is a type of electronic cigarette that is usually larger, customizable, and more versatile and in some cases more powerful than a conventional electronic cigarette. Mods refer to the base of the unit and generally do not include the atomizer, tank, or drip tip. There are different types of Mods, ranging from Variable Voltage Mods (VV) and Variable Wattage Mods (VW) to Mechanical Mods.

Mechanical Mods – A Mechanical Mod does not contain any internal electrical components, regulators, or switches. It is powered by the Mod’s internal connectors with either the voltage or wattage of a battery that is placed inside the unit.

RBA – Rebuildable Atomizer

RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

Vaping – The term vaping is used to describe the process of inhaling on an electronic cigarette.

Variable Voltage Mods – Variable Voltage Mods have unique electronic features that are built into the unit that allow the user to adjust voltage according to their own preferences to create increased, or decreased streams of vapor and enhanced taste.

Variable Wattage Mods – Variable Wattage Mods are similar to Variable Voltage Mods in that special electronic features are built into the unit, allowing the user to adjust wattage according to their own preferences to create increased, or decreased streams of vapor and enhanced taste. Like Variable Voltage Mods, the user can select settings to best align with the Ohm level of the atomizer to customize the users vaping experience. 

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