Basic Parts of an Electronic Cigarette and Set up Instructions



Wall Adaptor

USB Charger with Chord


Set Up Instructions:

  1. Fill the tank portion of the electronic cigarette with smoke juice by unscrewing the mouthpiece and holding the tank at a 45-degree angle. Do not put juice directly into the center of the tank. The tank should be filled along the sides where the wicks are. Be sure to fill the tank close to the top ensure that all the wicks are saturated.
  2. Attach the tank to the battery.
  3. The battery can be turned on or off by clicking the button 5 times.
  4. Once the tank is attached to the battery, press the battery button and enjoy the vape!


  1. Attach the battery to USB charger with chord.
  2. Attach the USB with Chord into the Wall Adaptor and insert the wall adaptor into a plug in outlet.
  3. The battery can also be charged via the USB charger chord, using a computer port that accepts the USB plug.
  4. Do not charge the battery in a car charger; There may be too much output energy and it may cause the battery to short circuit.
  5. When the battery requires a charge and placed on the charger, the charging chord will flash red.
  6. When the battery is completely charged, the charging chord will show a green light.

Tanks: Helpful Hints

  1. Keep the wicks moist by either keeping the tank full or by rolling the tank so that the smoke juice that is in the tank saturates the wicks. If the wicks are dry, there may be a burnt taste.
  2. The atomizer is an intricate part of the tank. It serves to aerosolize the smoke juice. Atomizers are user driven – the amount of time they last may depend on usage.
  3. Average use time of atomizers can be anywhere from a week to a month. Most people replace atomizers either when they stop working, or when it starts to taste burnt.


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